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DLT Platform Error codes


  • What Is Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)?


Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) refers to the technological infrastructure and protocols that allow simultaneous access, validation, and record updating in an immutable manner across a network that’s spread across multiple entities or locations.


DLT, more commonly known as blockchain technology, was introduced by Bitcoin and is now a buzzword in the technology world, given its potential across industries and sectors. In simple words, the DLT is all about the idea of a “decentralized” network against the conventional “centralized” mechanism, and it is deemed to have far-reaching implications on sectors and entities that have long relied upon a trusted third-party.


DLT Platform Error Codes
s.noError codeStatusDescription
1600ENTITY_NOT_FOUNDNo record found with EID as the primary key
2601ENTITY_NOT_REGISTEREDNo entry of entity on the platform.
3602ENTITY…INACTIVEEntity is inactive on the platform, ex: D/1:1)
4603ENTITY_BLACKLISTEDEntity is blacklisted on all platforms
5604INVALID…ENTITY IDReceived wrong entity id format or no entity id tag.
6605-609ENTITY_RESERVEDReserved for Entity
7610TELEMARKETER_NOT_REGISTEREDNO entry of TMID on the platform.
8611TELEMARKETERINACTIVETelemarketer is inactive on the platform, ex: (VI:1)
9612TELEMARKETERBLACKLISTEDTelemarketer is blacklisted on all platforms
10613-619TELEMARKETER_RESERVEDReserved for Telemarketer
11620HEADER_NOT_FOUNDNo record found with header (case sensitive) as primary key
12621HEADER INACTIVEHeader Is Inactive on the platform, ex: (VI: I}
13622HEADER_BLACKUSTEDHeader is blacklisted on all platforms
14623PEID_NOTMATCHEDWITH_HEADERPrinciple Entity Id is not matched with Header Id
15624-629HEADER RESERVEDReserved for Header
16630TEMPLATE_NOT_FOUNDNo record found with Template Id as primary key/no template found
17631TEMPLATE_INACTIVETemplate is inactive on the platform, ex: (VI:I)
18632TEMPLATE BLACKLISTEDTemplate is blacklisted on all platforms
19633TEMPLATE_NOT_MATCHEDTemplate not matched for given Template ID
20634HEADER_NOT_REGISTERED_FOR_TEMPLATEHeader is not registered for the template
21635TEMPLATE_VARIABLE_EXCEEDED_MAK_LENGTHVariable-length exceeded the max configured length
22636ERROR_IDENTIFYING_TEMPLATEError in identifying the template
23637INVALID_TEMPLATE JDReceived wrong Template Id format or no Template Id tag.
24638-649TEMPLATE_RESERVEDReserved for Template
25650PREFERENCE_NOT MATCHEDBlocked in preferences with MSISDN as PK.
26651-659PREFERENCE_RESERVEDReserved for Preference
27660CONSENT FAILEDGeneral error code for Consent
28661-669CONSENT RESERVEDReserved for Consent
29670SCRUBBING FAILEDGeneral error code in case of any exceptions.
30671-699SCRUBBING RESERVEDReserved for scrubbing

Point 1:


Static content of the SMS text submitted to the operator must     EXACTLY match with the static content of the DLT  template registered on the telecom operator’s    DLT portal. Even a single character extra or lesser would lead to the message getting rejected ( Even space or a full stop or any other symbol should not differ ).
For ex. If your    DLT    template is
Dear     {#var#}     your order with order id     {#var#}     has been     {#var#}    . Regards XYZ.
then following messages would not work
Sample TextRejection Reason
Dear Rahul, your order with order id 2345 has been Cancelled.Regards XYZ. is missing
Dear Rahul, your order with order id 2345  has been Cancelled.
Regards XYZ.
Regards XYZ was on the same line in the DLT template
Dear Rahul, your order with order id 2345     has been Cancelled. Regards XYZFullstop after Regards XYZ was missed out
Dear Rahul, your order with order id 2345     has been Cancelled. -Regards XYZwas added before C14Regards XYZ
Dear Rahul, your order with order id 2345   has been cancelled and a refund has been initiated via IMPS reference id 2882662556775553. Regards XYZ.{#var#} can hold a maximum of 30 character value, if you need to pass a longer value then request a new template/update template and specify 2 or 3  variable placeholders like

Dear {#var#} your order with order id {#var#} has been {#var#} {#var#}. Regards XYZ.

Point 2:


On the telecom operator’s    DLT portal,    template variables must only be represented as     {#var#} ( even if your    template needs more than one variables, all the variables should be written as {#var#}
We noticed some cases where users had requested variables as      {#var1#}, {#var2#}, #VAR1#, XXXX, #VAR#, {#Var#} these values would not work and your message would be rejected.

Point 3:

Template variable {#var#} can hold a maximum of 30 character string, so in case you wish to pass more than 30 characters then you would need to update your    DLT    template and add multiple variables. For ex. your    DLT    template is as follows,

Dear     {#var#}     your order with order id     {#var#}     has been     {#var#}    . Regards XYZ.

and you wish to pass more than 30 characters ( say 90 characters ) value in 3rd {#var#} then the template needs to be

Dear     {#var#}     your order with order id {#var#} has been {#var#} {#var#} {#var#}Regards XYZ.

Point 4:


If you are using     Updated     Template API    then you need to ensure proper Value is passed in newly introduced parameter    (append in last of Old API)         &entityid=170115805**********&tmid=111114**********&templateid=12345467890*********

Uploaded proper Data in SMS panel (Via option Upload Template)

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Bulk SMS also referred as bulk messaging simply means sending out a large number of SMS for delivery to targeted mobile numbers. A good bulk SMS Service provider will make the process of sending out these many messages easy with the click of a button. Bulk SMS helps businesses and enterprises to send out important information to their customers. Bulk messaging is widely used for transactions, promotions and mobile marketing.

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Does C2SMS have dedicated OTP service and does it supports International SMS?

Yes,  we do have OTP sms for International with voice otp backup.

Is DLT mandatory and can I able to send SMS with DLT registration ?

Yes,  DLT registration is mandatory, and you can still able to send API sms with our default sender id for few days.